Ossian's Story

I think it's nice with alternative itineraries that are more environmentally friendly and I think Stockholm is generally a city where you can get around easily without a car. Should read community planning and is interested in how to streamline bike lanes and walkways feels like it needs radical innovation there. I have a side job where I work as a football coach for young people and see the need to expand the sports opportunities in Stockholm both because there are too few football pitches etc. for young people and that there is a clear connection to the general public health in cities where the inhabitants move sig mera

Pato's Story 
Pro football player / photographer / videographer 
Kira's Story

My life value is to live inspired, learn and share the journeys of others. I do this through growth by any means. I like to express myself with creativeness such as art, photography and design. What drives me the most is happiness from within and the world around me. A healthy world with peace and purpose is what I strive to see.