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We strongly believe in the electric revolution - a newly started company with a large warehouse in Sweden and long-established contacts with electric vehicle manufacturers. Together with our production partners, we work closely with design to ensure that we have products that not only look good but are also fantastic to ride and practical when needed. We also have a good logistics network, which means that we can offer quality products at a lower price.

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our 3 design principles ...

  • 1 Style -We design and offer products with personality and soul a product that speaks to you, makes you unique, makes you stand out in the crowd

  • 2 Durability - in both society, growth that nurtures our environment and our world with energy-efficient electric vehicles, and products that can withstand weather and terrain

  • 3 Practical - we create products as different customers with different needs regardless and adapt its properties regardless of whether it is to be used in an urban or forest environment

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